Rent a Teleprompter.

Or Hire a Teleprompter (Operator)

Here are our options:

A teleprompter is essential for delivering precise dialogue and it helps your subject/talent get the script right. While you’ll find not everyone can authentically read from a teleprompter, others make it happen naturally.

Below: Our compact Teleprompter setup with a small DLSR size rig (Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera with Sigma 18-35 lens). It also works with larger camcorders and cinema cameras. We can adjust for the Canon 300 & various lenses and even larger studio cameras like the JVC GY-HC900STU. We’re happy to help you find out if your camera will work with this portable Telepromter rig.

Below: Larger Autocue Teleprompter set up for filming coaches Bill Self and Frank Martin at the College Basketball Experience Court filming a message for Children’s Mercy Family Health Partners.

We provided camera, lights, audio and crew, plus a teleprompter and operator for a message from men’s head basketball coaches Bill Self, KU; and Frank Martin, K-State in 2012. We shot this video at the College Basketball Experience Court next to the Sprint Center in the P&L District in Kansas City. This video was produced by Gloria Rudd, the mother of actor and Big Slick co-creator Paul Rudd. Thanks to Chris Beurman, then marketing director of Children’s Mercy Family Health Partners. This was a great experience working with highly professional people. The Teleprompter helps our on-screen coaches deliver the message details in a comfortable manner.

We provided and ran the teleprompter for Fox for this great bit. These two are so talented, they could easly do the bit without a script on the prompter, but when the director is overlaying graphic’s on the screen and they are intewracting with the studio, a telepromter helps keep the gags they wrote and the behind the scenes activities in sync.

We provided and ran the teleprompter for the Steve Martin & Martin show at the Arvest Bank Theater.

Photo and Story Credit: By Bill Brownlee, Brad Barket,  Special to the Star, SEPTEMBER 21, 2016 08:00 AM,UPDATED SEPTEMBER 20, 2016 01:19 PM

ProBiz.MEDIA video production services has operated a teleprompter for regular hard working people like you and me, and for some big stars who require the right equipment and a talented operator: 

  • Steve Martin & Martin Short
  • Rob Riggle & David Koechner
  • Bill Self for Childres Mercy Family Health Services
  • Political Ads
  • Commercials
  • Corporate Videos
  • How-To Videos
  • Presentations


A through the lens teleprompter reflects the script onto a see through mirror placed in front of the camera lens so the talent can look directly into the mirror, see the script scrolling and read it, but the camera (on the other side of the mirror) sees through the reflected script without the script being visible to the camera. The result is that the talent can read the script and look directly into the lens of the camera.

In contrast, cue cards that would have to be below or to the side of the camera and teleprompters that are not “through the lens”, require the talent to look, not at the lens, but below or beside it. This can be a problem and unnatural, especially if the talents eyes are darting around. The elegant solution… a “through the lens” teleprompter.

Why you will want a dedicated teleprompter operator.

To scroll the script in sync with the talent. That way, the camera operator can focus on the performance, camera framing, etc. Not that it can’t be done with one, it’s just a lot to expect… believe me I’ve tried!

Do it yourself?

We actually do have a self prompting program that can scroll the script automatically and it works great. But in my experience, the best way is with a dedicated teleprompter operator.

Our Teleprompter.

We have a compact and portable teleprompter that mounts to your tripod. Your camera then attaches within the teleprompter’s mounting system. The camera lens is surrounded with a cowl up to the two way mirror to shade behind mirror and keep reflections from lights out of the lens. Building up this setup is straightforward and intuitive to many, but could be daunting to others, so we recommend hiring our operator to assist, assemble and operate the teleprompter, but if you are up to the challenge, we can give you a tutorial as well.

The system consists of hardware to attach to the tripos, then you build up the rails, mounting shoe, glass and monitor. This system utilizes an LCD monitor to originate script visually, and if you are doing it, you will need to connect it to a laptop with the prompting software installed and the script loaded.

Because of the weight distribution, centering all of this on your tripod is imperative and you must use a sturdy tripod that is heavy enough to handle the weight and still be able to pan and tilt.

For larger jobs, we work with Lights on KC and can also provide an operator for their larger Autocue Teleprompter system.

Call us to discuss or to reserve our teleprompter for your job.

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