Dave Thiessen knows about audio. He started as a radio DJ while still in high school and it wasn’t long before he was winning local state and national awards in broadcast announcing, production and programming.


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Sound isn’t just for radio & TV commercials… it’s a crucial “theater of the mind” creative tool that many video producers either miss or simply don’t have the experience to pull off.  Whether recording proper sound for on location video shoots or in the studio mixing and layering music and sounds the scope of voice talent we have at ProBiz.MEDIA is impressive.

It’s not only Dave.

While Dave Thiessen is one of ProBiz.MEDIA’s voice and production experts, so is his partner Don Paustian.  Between them is decades of experience and voice work.  Plus, they can get almost any voice you want, be it male or female; young or old; pro voice or celebrity; neutral accent or other language.

Experts at languages

Localizations & Translations

In a diverse community and clientele, many projects we do involve the process of localization.  This means an audio or video project produced in English getting translated into another language and either subtitled or in some cases spoken in the alternate language.  We do the entire process!

Sound Design Experts


  • Narration
  • Commercial Voice and Production
  • Basic voiceover to highly produced and layered production
  • ​Music & Effects (Royalty Paid)
  • Localizations
  • Translation Voice Services into hundreds of languages
  • Foley (SFX) audio for video enhancement