Author: Dave Thiessen

Social Size Video

Click image to play video! Here is a Facebook/Instagram video At ProBiz.MEDIA, we create using the format that best communicates. Aspect ratio, length, music content and the amount of text used on the screen varies from YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram and other social media advertising platforms. We creat a version of your videro to match each for maximum exposure of your...

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Shawnee Facebook

Visuals created here! Let us create your social imagery and native advertising for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Yelp and all platforms.   Above and below the printed poster versions used in store and the FaceBook versions used to post to social. Remember that Facebook and Instagram require less that 25% text on an image for full interactive use and prefer image with text in comments area. ProBiz.MEDIA can manage your social media...

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Native Ad-Hellmans

Hellman’s makes a tailgate sandwich! When you want to geofence your advertised area, ProBiz.MEDIA can help you reach goals. A Geo-fence is when you create a virtual geographic boundary around a specific an area to enable a triggered a response when a mobile device (Smartphone) enters or leaves the area to serve your ad or message.   ProBiz.MEDIA creates visual assets using Photoshop and Illustrator and audio or video using Adobe Premiere, Sound Forge, After Effects and Vegas Pro. We can record at our studios in Overland Park as well as at your location or remote locations. We have...

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Recent Videos


Listen Now: Audio Samples

Click below for a range of samples created, voiced and mixed by Dave Thiessen and offered to show voice and production skills. From densely layered production to bright and clear basic voice-overs.  All productions include music, effects and voice work.

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