Hellman’s makes a tailgate sandwich!

When you want to geofence your advertised area, ProBiz.MEDIA can help you reach goals. A Geo-fence is when you create a virtual geographic boundary around a specific an area to enable a triggered a response when a mobile device (Smartphone) enters or leaves the area to serve your ad or message.   ProBiz.MEDIA creates visual assets using Photoshop and Illustrator and audio or video using Adobe Premiere, Sound Forge, After Effects and Vegas Pro. We can record at our studios in Overland Park as well as at your location or remote locations. We have a wide range of skilled audio voice talent and our editor and creative director, Dave Thiessen, is the featured voice in most of the ads on this site as well as video editing and title animation. Dave has years of broadcast experience and has created over 800 video productions and thousands audio productions.

We created Ad Assets: Tailgate Campaign

2 Native Ads

1 Radio Ad 30 Seconds

Hellmann's Radio Tailgate-HyVee-Chief's

by Dave Thiessen | Demo Radio

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