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This is a favorite client who lives near me and runs a very helpful business for people with disabilities.

Total Focus is a national seller of Walk-In Bathtubs who desired a series of videos for that would demonstrate and educate!

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ProBizVideo for a broad range of applications.

As a ProBiz.MEDIA service, is about better and more consistent promotion & marketing through video.

On this page, see video we have created for our clients who are small business owners or organizations wanting a great value and awesome video!


Our ProBizVideo is:

  • FAST to develop, create and complete.  You are in charge throughout this process as much or as little as you desire.
  • COST EFFECTIVE. Our overhead is low, so you pay considerably less, and only for what you need.
  • AFFORDABLE. Again, our overhead is low, yet you now have access to video styles previously only available to large companies with massive budgets.
  • EFFECTIVE SEO.  Using professionally created video on your website allows you to explain WHO you are and WHAT you do BETTER than written words, static images and cleaver graphics.  Video can increase your Google search results by 53%, and a recent study showed a one minute video expresses as much as 1.5 million words… so, hey… what are you waiting for?  Let’s create a video of your operation and get your business to the top of the Google search results and $$$.



We traced the paths of several families who had received services, and one of the most touching was the beautiful story of Izzy and family.