Google My Business listings now have access to a new type of post designed for announcements related to COVID-19.

Some examples of such announcements are:

  • Temporary closures
  • New operating hours
  • Changes to regular services, such as moving to takeout/delivery only
  • Safety precautions being taken by the business
  • In-stock, low stock, or out of stock announcements for high demand products

Plus, COVID-19 update posts will appear at the top of a business’s profile in local search.

So you can continue to publish other types of posts, and the COVID-19 post will remain pinned to the top.

Here’s how to create one of these posts.

Creating a COVID-19 Post in Google My Business

Here’s how to post an announcement related to COVID-19 in Google My Business.

  • On a desktop computer, sign in to Google My Business.
  • From the menu, click Posts.
  • At the top of the page, choose the “COVID-19 update” tab. GMB may ask for information such as:
    • Hours of operation and temporary closures
    • Changes to how the business operates, such as takeout or delivery only, call for details, or others
    • Updates to how the location is being managed as it relates to safety and hygiene
    • Requests for support
  • Click Preview to see your post before it goes live.
  • Click Publish when you’re satisfied with the post.


Note: We have helped many businesses post and update their profile on Google My Business. This is a key part of your SEO and greatly improves search results on Google if done properly. It is VERY important to make sure all details match between all places you post, so your hours should be exactly the same on Facebook, your website, Google My Business, and all other places. The Google Algorithm with compare these and rank higher for accuracy.

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