Our Native Advertising layouts and a clear content strategy offers you a proactive planning guide for your SEO and client building efforts.

  • Target Keyword Groups for Business

    Based on search search volume from Google, Bing and other sources deifining difficulty, value and alignment.

  • Business Calendar

    Define the seasonality of your business messaging.

  • Competitive Content Audit

    A breakdown of what works – and what doesn’t for you and for your competitors.

  • Content Themes

    Native Ads, Brainstorming and direction on how to create new content.

Today, our services include all things digital.

Here are a few of them, but the list could go on, plus a brief explanation of what each one might mean to you.

  • Responsive website design

The website appears properly across all devices and screen sizes

  • Native Ads including Hypomatic Ads

Ads that look right across devices and have placement characteristics that work to your benefit

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization

Basically that your web pages are properly optimized for Google, Bing and other search engines

  • Website Optimization

Google regularly modifies how it rates your website. The speed of loading the home page/landing page and the type of coding it encounters at that instant are on the top of the list.  An HTTPS or SSL Certificate is another.


Every thing changes.  Or does it?

Maybe we just keep coming up with new names for advertising categories.

After all, the main goal is to sell a product or service, correct?  Then how we actually attract people so we can do our selling kind of evolves when you define groups like GenX, Baby Boomers and the super popular Millennials!

Here at ProBiz.MEDIA, it is our job to keep  up to date on such things and keep our clients successful by implementing the right tools.

Today, with smartphones being the top device used to find things, you must use all the right tools for accessing your clients on their devices and apps.  This still includes all the older devices like desktop computers and tablets, radio and TV, Geo fencing and targeting, and on and on.

ProBiz.MEDIA will do it for you, or teach you about it. Personally I have made it my goal to learn and relearn countless new ways of reaching people and I offer knowledge future knowledge to you, because by next week somebody will come up with a new name for something and eventually one of your friends or colleges will say something like “you better be doing the “___” or you are missing out!  As a problem solver… I can tell you what I think and why.  That way you can keep making your business run with less panic and more certainty.

Dave Thiessen is the President of ProBiz.MEDIA and its marketing, social media and creative digital director.