A friend of mine asked about the best way of creating a proper greeting to callers when he was unable to catch a call to his business.

My suggestion was to always keep it simple and try not to get carried away with packing in too much detail.  In short, you want to identify yourself, your business or service and encourage the caller to leave a short message ‘after the tone’ and someone will get right back with them. Then tag it with a proper ending such as the company’s website ‘for more information’ (more on this later).

This leaves the caller with two objectives. Leaving a number, which tells you that they committed enough to speak to you about your services,  and a way to connect further for the opportunity to read up on all the extra’s you do, that make you the BEST resource to call.

This may seem overly basic, but Compass Communications Studios has been creating interesting and informative On-Hold programs for professionals since 1998, and the suggestion above is only the most basic of many on hold services for companies.

We are trusted by many successful small businesses and by large corporations to deliver on hold recorded voices, music, and prompting services Your business can benefit from our voices, music and systems from basic service to long time expert partnerships, Compass Communication Service delivers a polished and effective service

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